This photograph material was found in a garbage pile, leaning across the street among a bunch of other souvenirs from the person who, in all likelihood, deceased few time before. It was then copied, resized and transmitted with the help of a fax machine. The operation of transmission enables the souvenir to change its state (as electrical impulses) and to rub to a dematerialized dimension (spirit world). By any chance during this process will the picture be instilled by those fluids and the paranormal forces, as an attempt of metempsychosis.
For this experiment, the fax machine is implemented in a ghost printing approach. The thermal printing technology doesn’t enable any permanent but ephemeral copy. The thermal paper doesn’t afford nor long perpetuation and after a lapse the picture vanishes, as the souvenir or someone’s face slowly disappears from our memory. It remains only hollow and the remembrance is then defined by the context.

The final result is a web of thermal printed paper, with a length of 300 cm and 21cm in width (= 10 x A4 landscape sheets).
CAUTION: Some thermal papers may contain Bisphenol A.

Five transmissions had been proceeded:
Sept. 15 2015 13:07
Sept. 22 2015 13:32
Sept. 24 2015 12:35
Sept. 29 2015 13:34
Oct. 06 2015 15:21

This issue is only available through fax transmission. 
Just send your fax number.

HOLSTHEIDE verwijst naar een onvruchtbare plaats waar allen hulst kan groeien. Het is ook een helling waarvan de bestijging een erg beproeving voor wielrenners kan worden, maar ook een initiatieke rituelle.
                                                            Donkie Joorkmuil